Give Up

Give Up

The Easy Way To End Your Smoking Habit

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A bit of detail about the book

I embarked on a 12 month course to learn hypnotherapy in 2009, after first helping a friend complete the same course in 2008.   This gave me the knowledge required to apply a hypnotherapy technique on myself and achieve, what was for me “the impossible” of stopping smoking.

I had been smoking since 1965 (for 43 years) and had tried, and failed, to quit many times before.   I have now been ‘smoke free’ since 2008 thanks to the technique I used.

Eventually I managed to put into words what I had done and how I did it - so that others could also achieve ‘the impossible’, and give up smoking.

I have had no withdrawal symptoms,

I have not needed to use sweets etc as a replacement,

I do not miss smoking,

Other people’s smoking does not bother me,

I am very much fitter and healthier,

I have saved a small fortune & have a higher living standard,

I expect to live very much longer.

The book has been kept to the bare essentials (29 pages) so you do not have a vast amount of reading to do.   The book is easy to read and the stop smoking technique is very easy to implement.    It works, and I know why and how - so will you.

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